Harvey Mudd College – Learning and Teaching Center
Boora Architects
Claremont, California

80,000 ft2 on 4 levels
Combination of 5 BubbleDeck slab thicknesses from 9 to 20 inches
Project Starts July 2011

Labahn Arena – University of Wisconsin
Kahler Slater
Madison, Wisconsin

11,000 ft2 of 21 inch BubbleDeck Slab
Spans of 35ft with 250 lb/ft2 live load and heavy soil load
Project Starts June 2011

York University Life Sciences Building
York, Ontario

155,000ft2 on 5 levels
BD390 on ground floor and BD340 on upper floors
Max span of 40ft x 32ft.
Completed September 2010.

The Balsillie Campus
Waterloo, Ontario

81,000ft2 on 3 levels
BD390 on all levels
Max span of 39ft x 32ft.
Completed August 2010.

Mona Campbell Building (Dalhousie University)
Halifax, Nova Scotia

82,0002 on 5 levels
BD280 on all levels
Max span 30ft x 28ft
Completed July 2009.

Student Residence Building, ETS
Montreal, Quebec

174,000ft2 on 11 levels
BD280 on all floors
Max span 30ft x 30ft
Completed March 2008.

Millennium Tower Hotel and Offices

Originally designed with hollow core plank, late in the design stage it was determined that BubbleDeck would allow for considerable cost and time savings. Another consideration was the lack of storage space on the building site which is located in the heart of Rotterdam. The floors were finished in half the time (on average 4 days instead of 8) and the number of floors was increased by 2 to 34 levels while the same overall building elevation was maintained. The building was completed in April 2000.

Atlas College University Building

Throughout this 77,000 ft2 building an entirely flush-surface 280 mm BubbleDeck was applied resulting in lower building cost and simplified construction of the flooring system, which contain large open areas for views up into the roof. A shorter building time was achieved, in part because constructing the façades was simplified when using BubbleDeck.