Technical Specification

BubbleDeck panels are suitable for use in all building types especially open floor designs such as commercial, educational, hospitals and other institutional buildings.

Experience has shown that the most cost effective application of the technology is with semi-precast panels. On most projects this approach eliminates over 95% of expensive formwork compared with traditional concrete structures.

BubbleDeck has developed a slab edge technique that eliminates virtually all edge formwork and incorporates an integral safety rail and allows accurate setting of building envelope anchors (precast anchors, curtain wall pockets, and threaded inserts to attach brick ledgers). Using this approach no worker is exposed to a work site situation normally requiring fall arrest around the building edge.

The size of the panels is tailored to each project to minimize the number of panels, therefore reducing overall cost; however larger panel size is generally limited by local transportation and site crane capacity.

Typical dimensions are:

Width 8ft to 10ft
Length 27ft to 45ft

The panel types given in the table can be applied over the following range of spans and strength.

Note the final design dictates the ultimate choice of slab.

Simple Site Installation

Prop 1. Temporary shoring Typically 7ft spacing
Place 2. Place panels Semi-precast panels lifted into position
  3. Field placed reinforcement Loose straight lap bars and moment and integrity reinforcement at columns
  4. Preparation Seal joints, clean and moisten precast concrete panels
Pour 5. Concreting Pour, vibrate and float
  6. Temporary work Remove, typically after 1-2 weeks, according to specific site advice

Geometry Parameters and Spans

Slab Thickness
Steel (in2/ft) Span (ft)** Span Data Low Span Data High Moment Strength Data Low Moment Strength Data High
9 0.15 - 0.5 10 16 22 6 22.4
11 0.18 - 0.54 20   29½ 7 30
13.5 0.22 - 0.59 30   36½ 16 42
15.5 0.26 - 0.64 40   44 22 53
18 0.29 - 0.69 50   51½ 30 68
20 0.31 - 0.82 60   59½ 34 90
24 0.42 - 0.96 70 58 68 39 127
** Spans Guide for preliminary project planning. Contact BubbleDeck for Project Specific information.

Moment Strength and Span